Transmission/Gearbox Oil Change using Redline Superlight Shockproof Oil

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Transmission/Gearbox Oil Change using Redline Superlight Shockproof Oil

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:12 pm

Get to know your gearbox....

A) This is the dipstick (and can also be used for topping up but because of its mall size is only suitable for small topups).
NB When checking the oil level it needs to be fully screwed in - not very convenient but that's the way it's done. 

B) The drain plug for emptying the gearbox - make sure you don't get it mixed up with the engine.  NB There is also a copper crush washer sealing this so make sure you buy one of those first. Ferrari Part# 10263460

C) Filler hole - to access this you neeed to remove (or at least loosen) the airbox.

D) Gearbox vent - you dont actually use this but if there is oil coming out you've most probably overfilled your box.

Pull the 2 air intake pipes off the airbox (they are a slide fit) then undo the 4 nuts securing the airbox to the frame and using a piece of wood prop it up like an engine lid (this saves time disconnect from the MAF elbows etc).  

Using a 19mm hex "allen" socket crack the filler plug off - do this first as you dont ant to drain your box of oil then find out you cant refill it!

Also crack off the dipstick IIRC this is a 17mm socket.  Its in a bit of awkard to get at so use a combination of socket extensions and elbow to undo it.

Once both the filler and dipstick plugs are undone jack up the rear of the car and support on axle stands.  Make sure you do it reasonably high so you can put your drain container underneath.

Using a 10mm "Allen" socket undo the transmission drain plug just enough to make it loose but not for oil to come out.

Set up the drain container - the oil comes out quite fast so use a funnel as well as last time I did this the oil came out so fast it overflowed the sides of the drain container.  Once in place slowly unscrew the plug by hand (wear gloves).

Once the oil flow slows to a trickle remove the funnel out the way then take the car off the axle stands and lower it back onto the floor so the last of the oil can drain out into the container.

Don't be concerned if the magnetic plug has a few shavings attached to it but if there's recognisable chunks then be concerned!

Theres a copper crush washer that acts as a seal to the drain plug which should be replaced rather than reused.  Clean up the plug, replace washer and add a smidge of copperesae then replace it being careful not to overtighten.

The "correct" oil that is supposed to be used is Redline 75w90 Non Shockproof  however I had the dreaded notchy 2nd gear change when cold issue and after replacing my oil with this it was no better.

After some research on owners forums I came across the Redline superlight shockproof oil which I decided to give a go.  Since doing it I've noticed a huge improvement in the gear selection particularly when cold so thoroughly recommend the yellow shockproof over the recommended NS oil

Curiously its a gooey yellow colour.

Both types of oil are supplied in bottles just under a litre (gearbox takes 4lt) so you actually need 5 - the final one you'll use very little of but handy for topups.  Add them one at a time until you have added 4 of the five.

Now cycle through checking the level then adding a bit more until the level is just short of the max line.  Bear in mind that the shockproof oil is very gooey so will drain through the box slowly.  I actually left it a day before rechecking.

A bit of copperease on the filler plug is a good idea too

Not ideal but if you've put the filler back and airbox you can topup through the dipstick but its a slow process!

Finally check underneath for leaks, make sure you've replaced both the filler plug under the airbox and the dipstick - again be careful not to overtighten any of them then go for a drive and enjoy!


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